Not Rachael Ray (catalyst8688) wrote in jm_lostforgood,
Not Rachael Ray

Unrealeased material?

 Hey all.

I have the good fortune of going to see Jack's Mannequin (my 6th time seeing Andrew-- I'm very proud of my stalker-like tendancies :-P) early next month. Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone had caught a show recently (I know he hasn't been touring much lately) and, if you had, if the guys had played much unrealeased material, either from the upcoming album or otherwise. I've heard "Cellular Phone," but I was generally wondering if there were any other songs (besides "Lights and Buzz" and "Last Straw" and "Lonely for Her") which were not on "Everything in Transit" yet floating out in cyberspace. Thanks so much!

P.S: Who's psyched for the new album? Anyone hear much about it yet/any speculative release dates outside "early 2008"?

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